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St. Augustine Palmetto Sod Orlando

 Perfect sod for coastal and island areas


St. Augustine Palmetto Sod

Developed in Daytona Beach, FL Palmetto St. Augustine grass excels in coastal and island areas. It is quickly being adopted as the preferred St. Augustine grass with its outstanding reputation dating back to 1994. This grass does well in full sun or partial shade and requires only 2-3 hours of sunlight per day. Some of its other notable features are a natural resistance to chinch bugs and thatch buildup. It has a finer (softer) texture than ordinary St. Augustine grasses and an excellent green color that makes it a top choice for your home’s lawn.

Palmetto prefers the heat but tolerates cold temperatures better than other types of St. Augustine grasses; withstanding temperatures near 5 degrees F. Without showing significant damage. Palmetto grass boasts a deep and massive root system, ideal for transplanting and quick establishment. This also reduces the need for frequent watering. As much as it sounds like a miracle grass, please remember it is a living plant and needs to be properly maintained and treated for pest activity. In doing so, Palmetto St. Augustine grass can provide years of gorgeous green lawn for you and your family to enjoy.

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