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Bahia Sod Orlando

Perfect sod for low-maintenance


Bahia Sod

Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Flugge) was introduced from Brazil in 1914. It was originally used as a pasture grass on the sandy soils of the southeastern United States. Additional varieties have been introduced since that time for use as lawn grasses. Bahia grass is a low-maintenance lawn grass that does well with limited water and fertilizer inputs. Bahia grass is commonly found on highways, roads median and the side of the road.  Varieties currently available do not produce a carpet-like, dense lawn like some other warm-season lawn grasses. 


Bahiagrass forms an extensive, deep root system. It sustains better than other grasses in infertile, sandy soils and does not require high inputs of water or fertilizer. This makes it a good choice for home sites on large lots or acreage or for anywhere that there is no irrigation system. It should be noted that during extended drought periods, bahiagrass will go into a drought induced dormancy and turn brown until conditions become favorable for regrowth.

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